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Global Service Response
Hairui Service Guidelines
Pre-sale Service
According to the actual needs of customers, provide corresponding technical guidance and equipment information, answer various questions raised by customers, choose the appropriate equipment and model for customers from technical feasibility, and provide related equipment for customers to visit, test machine.

Sales Service

Investigate the customer’s machine use site, assist the user in planning the layout of the water, electricity, gas and other equipment in the production site according to the actual situation on site, provide the customer with a complete set of equipment operation instructions, and provide training service for the user’s equipment operator. Before delivery, train the user's equipment operators on basic equipment theory, safety protection and equipment maintenance.

After Sales Service

In the user’s factory, the user’s equipment operator is trained in actual processing operations, equipment daily maintenance and safe operation to ensure that the user can familiarize with the equipment operation rules and methods as soon as possible, and can independently use the equipment for production. After the complete set of equipment is installed and debugged at the user’s site, the warranty is free for one year from the date of acceptance by the user. Our company will also arrange technical personnel to conduct technical visits from time to time, communicate with customers on routine maintenance and inspection of equipment, and answer various questions raised by users.

Service Commitment

Service response time within 2 hours, the professional after-sales service team provides 24-hour technical support by email, video, telephone and other communication methods to provide customers with timely, comprehensive, convenient and efficient technical services.

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